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de Souza Designation Courses

de Souza courses are organized within four domains of practice with the domains drawn from the Canadian Association of Nurses in Oncology (CANO/ACIO) competencies standards for specialized oncology nursing practice. To obtain your de Souza Designation, you must achieve 4.0 course credits with at least one course completion from each of the four domains. You must also have taken and passed the Foundations of Oncology Nursing Practice, Cancer Care Basics course or the Provincial Standardized Chemotherapy and Biotherapy course. Program offerings under the Certifications & Continuing Competency Support category do not count towards the de Souza Designation course credit. The de Souza Intern Designation is aimed at undergraduate nursing students and has a less stringent requirements.

Please visit the Designation page for full details on course and clinical requirements.

For a printable table of the course categories, courses and credits, view our course table.

Note: The current de Souza Designation is organized around nursing practice. A de Souza Provider designation is being developed by an interprofessional committee to encompass competency areas relevant for providers other than Nursing. For information regarding de Souza Provider designation, please contact

Treatment and Delivery of Evidence Based Care

These courses are about developing skills and knowledge in treating and delivering cancer and palliative care. Course teachings are based on best practices and provincial and Canadian standards.

Therapeutic and Supportive Relationships

These courses address engaging in caring relationships with cancer patients and their families. These courses focus on the professional's role in being supportive and sensitive to a patient’s changing physical and psychosocial responses.

Developing Professional Practice & Leadership

Engaging in critical thinking, integrating best practice and evidence based knowledge, exercising ethical judgment and advocating for change are the foundation of courses under this category.

Patient Teaching & Coaching

These courses help health professionals prepare individuals living with cancer and their families to manage the many aspects of the cancer experience. Courses are geared towards helping provide patient education, psychosocial support and counseling.

Certifications and Continuing Competency Support

Courses in this category help you with attaining specialty certification or provide competency maintenance support for your practice. These courses do not provide credits towards a de Souza designation.