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CNA Oncology Exam Study Group (COES)

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The de Souza Oncology Study Group is a preparatory program to assist independent adult learners preparing to write the CNA Oncology Certification Exam. By choosing to complete your oncology specialty certification, you are building on your foundational nursing knowledge from registration, and on your clinical experience within oncology. Within this course you will have access to a text book (eBook) and examine, critically consider and apply the theories and concepts outlined in the CNA Oncology exam blueprint. The exam blueprint outlines the core oncology competencies of an oncology nurse.

The course is self-directed and self-paced. It has been divided up into modules based on the CNA oncology competencies. The CNA (2021) competency categories are as follows:

  • Prevention, Early Detection and Screening
  • Diagnosis and Staging of Cancer
  • Knowledge of Cancer Diseases
  • Treatment Modalities
  • Symptom and Treatment Management
  • Supportive Care
  • Continuity of Care
  • Ethics, Legal Obligations and Research

Modular content and activities will be weighted according to the CNA exam competency weighting – with a greater focus on competency areas three, four, and five. Participants are encouraged to self-pace their study time, based on their experience, knowledge gaps, and based on exam weighting of the content area. Additional supplemental activities are provided for learners including tools to set up a cooperative study group.

Visit the CNA website for more information on CNA oncology competency areas and exam eligibility criteria.


Participants who are planning to write the CNA Oncology Exam

Course Registration Ends Course Starts Format Fee (CAD)
Jul 02, 2024 - Nov 18, 2024
Fee (CAD): $ 692.00
Sep 02, 2024 Jul 02, 2024
$ 692.00