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Management of Depression and Anxiety in Cancer (MDAC)

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This course promotes an evidence-based wholistic approach to care and management of depression and anxiety in individuals with cancer. The content and structure of the course is based on the Pan-Canadian Practice Guideline: Screening, Assessment and Management of Psychosocial Distress, Major Depression and Anxiety in Adults with Cancer.

Available online, on-demand at any time this course consists of six modules, and is open to all clinicians working in cancer care.

Emotional distress is common in cancer. Take this course to:

  • Understand more about risk factors for anxiety and depression in cancer
  • Obtain the latest information on best practices in distress management
  • Reduce patients’ physical and psychological suffering and enhance quality of care

This course has been designed for front-line providers, including physicians; nurses; and allied health care providers.

The following areas are covered in the modules:

  • Prevalence and risk factors for anxiety and depression in cancer patients
  • The bio-psycho-social etiology and pathophysiology of anxiety and depression
  • Elements involved in initial screening, comprehensive assessment and focused assessment
  • Assessing risk of immediate harm
  • Differences between suicidal ideation, request for Medically Assisted Dying, or Desire for Hastened Death
  • Clinical pathway based on distress severity
  • Psychosocial treatment options
  • Pharmacological treatment options
  • Practical team-based interventions across the continuum of emotional distress

The Management of Depression and Anxiety in Cancer course was developed in collaboration between Cancer Care Ontario (CCO) and de Souza Institute. 

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$ 416.00