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Provincial Standardized Chemotherapy and Biotherapy Course (PSCB)

This course is designed to build nursing knowledge and skills in chemotherapy and biotherapy administration and care. The program reflects standards identified by a number of national and international bodies, and meets Cancer Care Ontario standards for chemotherapy delivery. This course will be completed over an 11 week period including a workshop at a local facility. 

Participants are recommended to complete a preceptorship at their sponsoring organization to finalize their competency development after successfully completing the course. 

This course is intended for registered nurses who have foundational oncology knowledge and are in a position to regularly administer chemotherapy and biotherapy. This is not an introductory course. If you are new to oncology or would like to work in oncology, we highly recommend that you complete the Foundations in Oncology Nursing Practice course first.

Although participants receive 35 learning hours upon successful completion of the course, depending on the level of experience, some participants may need to spend more than 35 hours and some may require less than 35 hours to complete the course. 

If you choose to enroll in the Provincial Standardized Chemotherapy and Biotherapy course and do not have the foundational knowledge and skills, you may find it difficult to complete the course and pass the exam.

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JanJanJanJan 13, 2020 - MarMarMarMar 30, 2020
Fee (CAD): $ 629.00
Mixed Modality [eLearning and in class]