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Shoulder Rehab after Breast Cancer (SREB00ODM21)

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None - Self Directed Learning. Development was led by Patrice dePeiza, OT Reg. (Ont.), ND, MScCH, CLT

The Shoulder Rehab after Breast Cancer course was created in collaboration between Cancer Care Ontario (CCO) and de Souza Institute. This course consists of five online modules based on the latest evidence. The content and structure of the course is based on the Reducing Effects on the Shoulder Through Oncology Rehab and Education (RESTORE) program.

The following areas are covered in the modules:

  • Shoulder anatomy and functional impairments due to breast cancer treatments
  • Myofascial restrictions and release
  • Axillary web syndrome (AWS), also known as cording
  • Scar management
  • Lymphedema

Course Syllabus

Course Objectives

By the end of this course, you will be able to:

  • Identify the anatomy of the shoulder region.
  • Explain risk factors associated with shoulder dysfunction after breast cancer.
  • Recognize functional limitations (in lifting, carrying, etc.) caused by shoulder impairments.
  • List risk factors for symptoms associated with cording, scar formation, myofascial dysfunction and lymphedema.
  • Become familiar with standardized tools used in the assessment of common late and/or persistent adverse effects and functional impairments post-breast cancer and/or cancer treatments.
  • Teach patients how to manage adverse effects and functional impairments throughout the survivorship phase of their recovery.
  • Use a variety of techniques and treatment options to reduce adverse effects and functional impairments.
  • Describe strategies to monitor and maintain treatment gains over time.

Course Requirements

To receive a certificate and a 0.25 credit toward Treatment and Delivery of Evidence Based Care, participants must complete the following before the course completion date:

  1. Complete a pre-course evaluation
  2. Complete all modules and readings
  3. Complete all end-of-section course quizzes with a minimum grade specified in each quiz (Note: there is a maximum of three attempts per test in each section)
  4. Complete a post-course evaluation

Time Commitment: This is a self-paced course. Participants can start at any time and have 6 weeks to complete all the course requirements. Upon successful completion, participants will be awarded a certificate for 10 learning hours.

Course Syllabus: View the course syllabus


This course has been designed for clinicians working with patients living with breast cancer.

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You will immediately gain access to the course materials and have 6 weeks* after enrollment to complete all required activities.

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