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Community-based Chemotherapy and Biotherapy (CBCB00ODM19)


None - Self Directed Learning. Development was led by Donalda MacDonald

This online course developed in partnership with Cancer Care Ontario provides an overview of chemotherapy and biotherapy for health care professionals who work in the community setting. The content covers classifications and agents, routes of administration, adverse effects, administration complications, and safe handling practice standards, and highlights their implication for community care.

Please Note: The Community-based Chemotherapy and Biotherapy course is DIFFERENT than the Provincial Standardized Chemotherapy and Biotherapy course

If you work in a provincial systemic therapy program in Ontario, you are required to take the Provincial Standardized Chemotherapy and Biotherapy course and maintain your competency by completing the Chemotherapy Competency Maintenance Course every 18 months.

If you are not sure which course to take, please contact us at

Course Syllabus

Learning Objectives

By the end of this course, the learner will be able to:

  • Describe the role of the chemotherapy and biotherapy in cancer care
  • Identify commonly used chemotherapy and biotherapy agents, indications, mechanism of action administration recommendations, and side effects.
  • Describe the difference between extravasation from an irritation and flare reaction
  • Explain how to assess extravasation and take appropriate action
  • Describe safe handling issues for chemotherapy and biotherapy, including safe administration practices, management of bodily wastes and spill management.

Course Requirements

To receive a certificate, participants must complete the following before the course completion date:

  1. Complete a baseline evaluation
  2. Complete all eLearning modules
  3. Complete two case studies
  4. Complete a final exam
  5. Complete a post-course evaluation

Course Syllabus: To view the course syllabus, please click HERE

Time Commitment: This is a self-paced course. Participants have 5 weeks to complete all the course requirements.  Upon successful completion, participants will be awarded a certificate for 10 learning hours.


Available to all regulated health care professionals working along the cancer care continuum. This course is open to participants with any level of experience: from novice to experts.

Payment must be received before you have access to the course. For more information, please visit our Cancellation & No Show Policy.

Participants can pay for this course online with a credit card, or send a cheque to:

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You will immediately gain access to the course materials and have 5 weeks* after enrollment to complete all required activities.

*Course Duration
5 weeks
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Learning Hours
de Souza Designation Credits
0.25 credit under Treatment and Delivery of Evidence Based Care