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Patient Teaching and Coaching

Our updated 2021 Patient Navigation course is designed to help Health care providers apply principles of navigation throughout the cancer care continuum. Our case studies will help support knowledge application in care coordination, communication, patient teaching and education. The importance of improving access for indigenous communities, ethno-cultural and gender groups is emphasized
28 hours
$623 CAD

This online course will not only introduce the MASCC Oral Agent Teaching Tool but will also cover safe handling precautions when administering and caring for patients receiving oral chemotherapy and biotherapy agents, and three common oral chemotherapy and biotherapy agents seen in practice.
5 hours
$276 CAD

Building on Sexual Health in Cancer Part 1, this course is designed for health professionals who have a counselling practice and wish to develop further knowledge and skill in sex counselling
24 hours
$539 CAD

The Sexual Health and Counselling in Prostate Cancer course is designed to equip health care professionals with the skills and knowledge necessary to deliver sexual health support to men and their partners impacted by prostate cancer. Education, support, and guidance in the development of future prostate cancer specific sexual health programs are also addressed.
40 hours
$728 CAD

Focuses on understanding sexual health issues that arise in cancer care and developing assessment and psycho-education skills.
24 hours
$623 CAD